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How to play Sudoku

Sudoku is a brainteaser game that has taken the world by storm. The use of logic to solve the mathematical problem makes the game more appealing and interesting for anyone to play. The game engages people of all ages and intellectual capabilities to come up with a solution to the puzzle.

A typical Sudoku puzzle has 81 grid squares. The grid is then further divided further into nine blocks with nine squares inside each block. The major rule of playing Sudoku is placing the numbers 1 to 9 inside the empty squares and ensuring that every row, column, and grid-box contains a number once. However, the fun part of this game lies in the fact that the game has plenty of number variations and may take minutes or hours to figure out the various number variations. Every Sudoku game is different from another and offers the player a unique brain challenging logic. Here are the rules of the Sudoku game. The first most important rule is that each row and column contains one unique solution. The only way to perfectly solve the entire puzzle is to solve each square box and have no repetitive numbers. Despite the common notion that Sudoku puzzles are hard, logic is what makes it easy to find the solutions for every row and column within the Sudoku game.

Second, every Sudoku game is pre-filled for you before you start the game. The pre-filled numbers cannot be changed before or during the Sudoku game. Every column of the game should contain the numbers 1 to 9 and there cannot be a repeat of any number in the column. Every row of the game should contain the numbers 1 to 9 and there cannot be a repeat of any number in the row. Finally, each block should contain the numbers 1 to 9 and there cannot be a repeat of any number in the block. Once a player observes these rules, playing Sudoku becomes easier. However, the difficult and most challenging part of this game lies in ensuring that you do not repeat any number twice. So how can you solve a simple Sudoku game? The most important strategy of playing a Sudoku game lies in your ability to follow the Sudoku rules. Once you follow the rules, you increase your chances of solving a Sudoku game without encountering any difficulties. The second strategy involves simple elimination and logic to help you come up with a solution for each row, column, and block. When playing Sudoku it is essential to remember that mathematics is not a requirement.

The third strategy involves scanning the given numbers in each row, column, and block and eliminating these numbers as per the Sudoku rules that each number between 1 to 9 should be unique. Once you eliminate the given numbers, you can then go ahead and propose some candidates for the empty squares within the game. You can scribble the candidates at the top of each square with a pencil. Once you have identified the possible candidates for each square, and then apply logic to help you arrive at the appropriate answer for each square. Ensure each number in a block is unique and this will make it easy for the row and column to have unique numbers as well.

Grilles Sudoku