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sudokuAn Honest Introduction to Sudoku: The Puzzle Game.

Sudoku is a game of logic available on every game playing platform, be it iPhones, Androids, PC or even on a board. It is one of the most common game of puzzle that requires no special mathematical skill but merely concentration and reasoning. Its aim is to complete the arrangement of numbers in its rows and columns without repeating a sequence twice. It is made challenging by having prearranged numbers around which other numbers arrangement evolve. The challenge is however solvable, provided the right skills are developed and mastered; they can even be used in organized competitions.

What are the rules?

Just like every other game, there are rules to playing this mind puzzling game. The first thing to keep in mind is each row, column and region contains a certain number of cells; therefore, each row and column must contain different figures as must each region (Regions will be discussed later on). No two rows, columns or region can have the same arrangement of numbers. To make this almost impossible, there are prearranged numbers on the board which cannot be moved. These numbers help you a lot as you’ll find out soon. The rows and columns in the game of Sudoku add up to give a certain number of cells. Are you curious? Read on.

How do I master the game?

After knowing the rules of the game, you want to hone your ability to be analytical. There are so many tips from pros in the game that help you master the game whether you are a beginner hoping to graduate to the next level or a long time player finding some puzzles hard to solve. One of such tips is to write all possible numbers that could fill in a position with a pencil. There are so many ways to use this tip as it functions in so many of the methods through which the game is played. You want to learn more? Stick around to learn how the masters solve puzzle so easily.

Are there competitive platforms for this game?

For a game this logical, competition among peers can’t be eliminated, but there are more organized competitive tournaments available for enthusiasts to partake in. For a cash price, a National Sudoku Championship is hosted in the United States. This is only one out of the many competitions organized to test the mettle of puzzle solvers. You think you have what it takes to be a champion, watch out for other Sudoku competitions, and choose the ones that appeal to you.

Aren’t there any variants of the game?

Oh yes, there are, and so many of them too. There is the normal Sudoku, very common in fact, there however are some other ones, the smaller ones and the bigger ones. There are other variants such as History Sudoku, Sudoloiqs; a combination of trivia and Sudoku, Wordoku which as the name implies uses alphabets together with numbers. Details on these variants are very much available for you. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our sponsor -, where you can play exciting online game demos, just in case you need a break from your Sudoku games. 

Grilles Sudoku